Ryan Pollard cut his teeth on the open country when he could barely walk. Ryan would spend days scouting, riding ATVs, and hiking with his dad. He got his first hunting opportunity in the open country at the age of 14 when he drew an X5B, Lassen County, archery tag. The following year he drew an apprentice Pronghorn Antelope tag and harvested his first big-game animal, a beautiful 15 inch, non-typical buck at 300 yards.

Ryan graduated with a B.S. in Outdoor Adventure Leadership from Southern Oregon University in 2019. He will be joining Rick for the 2019 big game season.

Rick Pollard first hunted the high desert after a friend harvested a magnificent buck in X5B. Rick was amazed that bucks that big lived in the high desert. Then, he read Hunting Open Country Mule Deer by Dwight Schuh, and that started his passion for hunting the open country.  

The next year (1991) he drew a X5B, Lassen County, archery tag. Rick harvested a 30”, 4x4 buck on opening day that scored 172 and ranked number two in the California bowman hunters record book!  Since that time, Rick has harvested several record-book bucks, with his largest scoring 180 Pope and Young.  

Rick Pollard is an Equine Veterinary Technician employed at Chapman Equine with 30 years experience. Rick has an Associates of Science degree in Natural Science and a secondary education in Natural Resources, EMT and Paramedic. Rick uses this knowledge to understand the traits and behaviors of mature bucks while ensuring his clients are safe.